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Web Developer passionate about standards

About this website

This professional website aims to present and share my web projects (past, present and future).

I also want to share some knowledge through articles in the field of web development.

And now here are some additional explanations about this site and its creator:

The foundations of this site: HTML5 and CSS3

If you have the same quirk as I do when you first land on a website, you will have taken a look at the source code to verify which version of HTML is being used, and if the few animations here and there are created by JavaScript or another technology. You will thus have noticed that this site is entirely coded in HTML5, with CSS3 animations (almost without JavaScript, that is).

With the desire to promote Internet browsers respecting Web standards, I developed this site by testing it mainly with the more recent versions of Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

The Passion for the web, a long story

Did you experience the first steps of the Internet in the early 90s? I still remember very well the glorious days of modems that made this noise, which has now become nostalgic by connecting to the web. And the transfer speed was really more than modest: my very first modem was painfully reaching 14.4 kilobits per second!

Despite these poor internet conditions, I discovered a fascinating new world filled with animated gifs and other online flash games.

At that time the W3C, web standardization body, had just been created. It took me almost 10 years to discover and appreciate the nobility of their mission: To develops protocols and guidelines that ensure long-term growth for the Web (source: Wikipedia).

Technologies will never stop evolving, and the web is arguably the most dynamic IT industry. I therefore strive to follow and apply these changes as best I can, using Alsacréations.com, a learning community for web standards, as a model.


For a (very) long time I kept avoiding frameworks because I wanted to have total control over everything I developed.

Everything changed when in 2018 I discovered Laravel: the ease of use, the beauty of the code and especially the time saved in development finally convinced me to change my approach to frameworks.

Since then I regularly use different frameworks such as Symfony, VueJS and TailwindCSS.