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Archived Hero's Life (2006) - (M)MORPG Online

Hero's Life
And this is without a doubt the most ambitious project I have worked on to date. After the experience of PINGOOO, the same designer who had hired me to develop this other project offered me to create a multiplayer online role-playing game. A new member then joined our team, Gerry Embleton, an British-Swiss artist whose immense talent still deserves to be discovered by all!

The development of this project took many months, and the final result was impressive: without using Flash, thanks to a good dose of JavaScript and especially thanks to the sublime drawings of Gerry, the game gave the illusion of entering another universe.

Unfortunately the game was not without bugs, and above all the general concept was a little too complicated. The frustration generated by the mixed success of the project led to its abandonment.

But who knows, an abandoned project can always rise from its ashes ...