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Online Smart TSF V6.1 (2021) - Medical Tool

Smart TSF V6.1
The TSF (Taylor Spatial Frame), in surgery, is an external fixation system based on two rings and six struts used to reduce fractures or correct bone deformities (more information here).

SMART TSF is a web application that allows the surgeon to plan programs describing the fracture / deformity of his patients. Once the program is set up, a prescription is automatically generated with the correction steps - this prescription is ultimately shared with the patient through a smartphone app.

The goal of this project carried out within the company MEDivation between 2019 and 2021 with 5 other developers was to update the web application developed in the early 2000s by adding new features while making its usage more pleasant and faster.

This project is one of my greatest pride, because the result is very impressive and the users of the application are extremely satisfied. The development allowed me to improve both my back-end and front-end skills, and to discover the best practices used for a project of this scale (use of Docker, continuous integration, code reviews, etc.) .